Birmingham Airport Flying High with Record Year in 2016 Keep Your Kids Entertained at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport Flying High with Record Year in 2016

How does Birmingham Airport compare to some of the UK’s other major airports? The likes of Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester get most of the attention, but actually Birmingham has seen a significant growth over the past year. So much so, in fact, that the airport has broken its own record for passenger output.

Record breaking year

The end of year statistics – based on the number of arriving and departing passengers passing through the airport – have confirmed that 2016 was the busiest year in Birmingham Airport’s 78 year history. Trumping 2015’s figures by over 1.4 million people, the most recent annual total for Birmingham recorded an impressive 11,639,738 passengers.

The figure of 11.6 million breaks down to roughly 960,000 passengers per month. But in fact, there are some clear winners when it comes to the busiest month too. August was the most popular month of 2016, with 1.3 million passengers using Birmingham Airport – presumably to jet off with the kids – in this peak summer month. August reached a peak on the 26th of the month, when more passengers travelled through Birmingham Airport than any other day of the year.

Getting away in winter

Elsewhere, there were 5 other months where Birmingham served over a million passengers, with December closely following at 840,000. This was particularly impressive for Birmingham, because it meant a huge increase of 23.7 percent from December 2015.

Narrowing it down, there were also some impressive increases for certain destinations. On scheduled flights, December saw a 231.5 percent growth of passengers travelling to Madrid. There were also significant increases for Poznan (130.2 percent), Warsaw (76.4 percent) and Budapest (70.6 percent).

Method in the midlands

So how did Birmingham do it? It’s partly down to an influx of new airlines offering passengers new routes both short and long haul. “Qatar Airways arrived in March (and) other new carriers in the past year have included Iberia Express, Blue Air, Czech Airlines, Cobalt and Albastar,” said Birmingham Airport’s CEO Paul Kehoe.

According to Kehoe, the rise may even continue into the new year and for many years to come. “Last year was very fruitful as we celebrated the busiest 12 months in our 75-year history and were crowned the most punctual airport in the world by air travel intelligence company OAG… We look forward to launching more routes, a wider selection of airlines in 2017 and we plan to invest £100 million before the summer in our terminal and infrastructure facilities.”

UK’s busiest airports

These impressive statistics put Birmingham seventh out of the busiest airports in the UK. But what does this mean for passengers? More destinations? Probably. Cheaper parking? Probably not. Official airport car parks will continue to charge extortionate rates, but there is another option.

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