Birmingham Airport Hailed Fastest Airport in Britain


A recent study conducted by leading global travel search company, Skyscanner has revealed that Birmingham Airport is the fastest in the UK, beating Heathrow, Bristol, Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Looking at more than 200 traveller journeys through Britain's 10 most popular airports, the study reports that 37% of passengers in Birmingham Airport reached their gate in under 15 minutes. It also showed that two-thirds of passengers not using fast track got from the airport entrance to their gate in less than half an hour.


Delays at airports often result in ‘airport rage’, which many of the passengers in the study could identify with. However 41% stated that it was usually security that would hold them up the most. Other obstacles included lack of signage and directions around the airport, and having to take a shuttle bus or train between terminals.


The UK’s largest airport, London Heathrow, ranked an impressive fifth in the study – just behind Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bristol.


Speaking about the survey, the Travel Editor for Skyscanner, Cat McGloin said: “When you consider the vastness of Heathrow you might expect that it would take a long time to reach the gate so it’s great that they were actually found to be one of the fastest airports – showing that the size does not affect efficiency.


“There are of course a number of factors that may affect the time it takes to get through the airport, including the time of day and if travelling with children."


Tips for getting your holiday off to a good start


If you regularly suffer with airport rage and don’t have the luxury of travelling through Britain’s fastest airport, there are a number of small things that you can do to speed up the process. Here are our top tips for getting through an airport quickly and efficiently.


Arrive early

: Give yourself plenty of time and arrive at the airport at least half an hour before check-in. This way, you’ll avoid the queues and move onto security more swiftly.


Sort liquids beforehand

: Prepare your liquids beforehand by placing them in a clear, sealable sandwich bag before leaving for the airport. This will save you time at security.


Prepare for the security check

: Take off your jacket and belt when you're queuing, and ask about whether you should remove your shoes as soon as you reach the front of the queue. This will help keep the queue moving.


Keep an eye on the board

: Pay attention to the departure board so you don’t miss any gate changes.


Communicate effectively

: Make sure that everyone in your travel group is on the same page and prepared for the check in process before you arrive. This will help keep arguments at bay and make sure that no one delays the group.


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