Is Birmingham Airport the Most On-Time

Is Birmingham Airport the Most On-Time in the World?

Some people rank airports for their range of destinations. Some focus on the shopping choice. But for an airport, surely the best way of judging success is based on punctuality. After all, having flights departing on time is what airports are all about – or at least it should be.

Based on that, the people at Birmingham airport will be thrilled to hear that the midlands complex has been ranked number one in the world for punctuality. It’s great news for them, but also the passengers, who benefit from the highest proportion of on time flights in the world.

Timely arrival

The title was awarded by OAG – an air travel intelligence company with the largest network of air travel data in the world. This network of data is exactly how they determine the rankings for airports. Every year, OAG create a league of punctuality based on how many flights are on time at each airport. Birmingham finished the year with a total of 91.28 percent.

With a lot of variety in airport sizes, the rankings are split into four categories:

In the medium category, Birmingham beat Osaka to the top spot. But overall, their closest competitors were Newcastle on 90.94 percent and Indonesia’s Surabaya Airport with 90.30 percent.

Punctual Britain

While passengers of Birmingham airport will be nicely reminded of their local airport’s efficiency, it’s also great news for the UK more broadly. With both of the top two airports in the UK and Liverpool receiving a similarly high score of 85.44 percent, Britain is clearly doing something right when it comes to air travel.

“The UK’s airports and airlines have always been leaders in the global aviation industry, delivering exceptionally-high service levels,” stated OAG’s John Grant. “The success of Birmingham is just another example of how the UK’s regional airports have created world-class facilities and networks that both connect their regional communities to the world, and provide valuable economic growth.”

Perfect timing

With over 100,000 flights departing in the last calendar year, the award has come at an ideal time for Birmingham, who recorded 95 percent punctuality on flights to Dublin. “To be crowned the world’s most punctual airport in 2016 is a tremendous prize, particularly in the busiest 12 months in our 77-year history,” said Paul Kehoe, Birmingham’s chief executive.

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